CAPEX strategy

Key investment projects

Regina steel mills upgrades. Install a vacuum degasser, upgrade rolling mill, down coiler, and cooling bed in Regina.


  • Completed upgrades to the continuous caster and to the rolling stands.
  • Pending vacuum degassing and down coiler upgrades in 2017.
CAPEX US$147 million
IRR >35%

Construction of an LDP mill at Regina. Install a two-step LDP mill in Regina.


  • The new LDP mill is in ramp-up mode and producing saleable pipe for customer orders.
  • The new coating mill is in operation and producing pipe for customer orders.
CAPEX US$73 million
IRR 30%

Key maintenance projects

During 2016, the Group’s operations completed important maintenance projects:

  • At EVRAZ Portland, the re-heat furnace was completely relined.
  • At EVRAZ Pueblo, the team completed a large project that replaced key mechanical components of the electric arc furnace hood and executed upgrades to the electrical drives in the wire rod mill.
  • At EVRAZ Regina, EVRAZ carried out upgrades to steel making and the rolling mill related to the upgrade project which was previously announced.