CAPEX strategy

Key investment projects


Construction of blast furnace 7 at EVRAZ NTMK.

The project is aimed at supporting production during the overhauls of blast furnaces 5 and 6.

The foundations have been laid for the blast furnace itself, as well as the air heaters. The foundations are being laid for the casting yards. The belts are being installed for the blast-furnace jackets and air heaters.

CAPEX US$191 million

Grinding ball mill construction at EVRAZ NTMK.

Construction of a new ball mill at EVRAZ NTMK targeting an increase in ball production and sales volumes.

General contractor has been selected, project documentation has been completed, the basic and detailed engineering designs have been prepared, and the working documents are being finalised.

CAPEX US$17 million
IRR 26.5%


Sheregesh iron ore mine development.

The project is aimed at increasing Evrazruda’s ore production volumes to 4.8 million tonnes per year. Production will be carried out using new sublevel caving technology and self-propelled equipment.

Raw ore production is 4.6 million tonnes per year. Primary concentrate production is 2.8 million tonnes per year. Share of raw ore produced using self-propelled equipment increased to 60% of overall production volumes.

CAPEX US$76 million
IRR 13%

Developing a central tailings storage facility at EVRAZ KGOK.

Several measures are being implemented to maintain the operational capabilities of the current tailings storage facility.

The tender procedures have been completed, some of the project work is done.

CAPEX US$24 million

Transferring EVRAZ KGOK’s northern quarry to a combined production mode.

Maintaining production volumes at the Gusevogorskoye deposit.

Eight 130-tonne dump trucks have been purchased. Rail lines and contact systems have been built.

CAPEX US$31 million
IRR >100%

Key maintenance projects


In May, EVRAZ ZSMK conducted upgrade work on blast furnace 1 ahead of the beginning of the construction season in Russia. The work was completed ahead of schedule and was planned for May due to the cold winter in the region where the plant is located. The repair work helped stabilise the blast furnace’s operations and reduce specific fuel consumption by 2%.

  • The annual category-3 overhaul of blast furnace 6 took place in August.
  • The annual category-3 overhaul of blast furnace 5 took place in October.