EVRAZ business system

Strategic goal. The EVRAZ Business System (EBS) is a combined approach to the Group’s operations. The key elements are target-setting, people development, processes improvements, management system support, culture principles and necessary implementation infrastructure. The Group aims to implement 100% EBS-transformation organisation-wide, from the top management down to every worker on the shop floor.

Overview. In 2016, the Group’s primary focus was on transitioning from a ‘lean tools approach’ to full EVRAZ Business System deployment through EBS-transformations. The 2016 targets were met in employee basic EBS tool trainings, rapid improvement events and the implementation of operational excellence projects.

Outlook. The key focus for 2017 will be on combining the efforts of vital corporate functions (including HR and HSE) to develop a sustainable process improvement system through EBS-transformation projects.

Number of EBS transformations implemented in 2016 Please see Additional Information for details 2 transformations