Coal segment


Coal products sales in 2016
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  • Market share of Russia’s high-vol coking coal grades by volumes
    51% semi-hard coking coal
    33% hard coking coal
  • High-quality product portfolio with >80% of hard coking coal and semi-hard coking coal
  • Diversified client portfolio

How EVRAZ mines its coal – safety and efficiency are the top priorities

EVRAZ key mining methods

Underground mining
Safety measures:
  • Ensuring adequate air supplies to reduce methane to safe levels
  • Ensuring that coal faces are degassed prior to beginning work
  • Preventing self-combustion of coal seams
  • Implementing measures to reduce injuries from tight working spaces and risk of collapse
EVRAZ has the following programmes to improve mining efficiency:
  • Increasing working time at the coal face
  • Increasing tunnelling rates, introducing modern tunnelling and roof-bolting equipment
EVRAZ uses two mining methods in the following mines:

No1   Longwall method:

  • Yesaulskaya
  • Osinnikovskaya
  • Uskovskaya
  • Alardinskaya
  • Yerunakovskaya VIII
  • Raspadskaya mine
  • MUK-96 Put on care and maintenance in 2015

Conveyor belt

Longwall shearer cuts coal face.

It is a sophisticated machine with a rotating drum that moves mechanically back and forth across a wide coal seam.

Hanging diesel-hydraulic locomotive

Hydraulic roof supports make possible high levels of production and safety.

Fire sprayline

As the longwall mining equipment moves forward, overlying rock that is no longer supported by coal is allowed to fall behind the operation in a controlled manner.

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No2   Room-and-pillar method:

  • Mezhegeyugol
  • Raspadskaya Koksovaya mine

The simultaneous operation of a set of equipment allows for an optimal workload and high productivity.

Continuous miner
Roof bolter

The room-and-pillar method is used where the coal face has been damaged and additional equipment is needed to work the coal face.

Feeder breaker
Belt system
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Open-pit mining
Razrez Raspadsky is currently EVRAZ’ only open-pit coal mining operation.
  • Much safer than underground mining
  • Flexible volumes depending on coal market demand
EVRAZ is implementing the following modern technology and programmes to improve efficiency:
  • 3D geological modelling creates optimal mining plans
  • Automated dispatching system reduces empty runs and increases equipment utilisation rates
  • Equipment repair and replacement programme improves technical readiness rate