Community relations

Our approach

EVRAZ strives to maintain an open dialogue with the communities surrounding its areas of operation. The Group pays its taxes responsibly and cares for the wellbeing of its employees. Organisation-wide, operations are conducted in accordance with federal and local legislation. Managing directors and regional vice presidents take responsibility for communicating with local governments. HSE directors’ duties include ensuring that plant operations meet all applicable rules and regulations. The regional corporate communications centres collaborate with non-profit organisations on charity, environmental, social, educational and sport projects.

Relations with local communities

EVRAZ’ numerous contributions to local economies benefit the communities where its operations are based.

The Group fosters lasting partnerships with these local communities and aims to improve the quality of life in the many regions where it conducts business. It has implemented socially responsible programmes benefitting special needs children, veterans and the elderly, and children’s homes, as well as cultural, educational and sport projects, city infrastructure, and environmental impact reduction programmes. EVRAZ honours its responsibilities as a taxpayer and employer, providing development, training programmes, social protection and regionally competitive salaries to its employees. EVRAZ values its partnership with local governments and is committed to solving the issues facing the regions where it operates.

Community relations awards in 2016

Alexey Kushnarev, managing director of EVRAZ NTMK, has received a letter of gratitude for his contribution towards improving children’s health. Every year, about 1,200 children of NTMK employees attend a health-focused youth camp.

Nizhny Tagil city government

EVRAZ NTMK: “Best Philanthropists of Sverdlovsk region”. EVRAZ NTMK was awarded as best philanthropist of the Sverdlovsk region among the companies from ferrous metallurgy.

Mining and smelting trade union of Russia

Evrazruda: “Mining and steel enterprise of high social effectiveness”. Evrazruda was awarded first place in the nomination “Work with young people”


EVRAZ for Kids

This programme’s main goal is to support children who have special needs and/or are socially vulnerable. EVRAZ organises special treatment and voluntary support for children with cerebral palsy and their families in the Urals and Siberia, and supports socially vulnerable children. Every year, EVRAZ sponsors specialised medical treatment for more than 500 children with special needs. The company has implemented cutting-edge treatment techniques, including phototherapy, art therapy, aquatic therapy, hippotherapy, and adaptive sports programmes, as well as massage courses for the children and training programmes for their parents, volunteers and teachers.

Each year, EVRAZ provides holiday presents for children in Russia. It also organises annual volunteer drives that provide books, office stationery, sport equipment and clothes for the start of the school year.

In 2016, EVRAZ sponsored the Russia-wide “Dream ski” charity programme, which is aimed at promoting downhill skiing as part of a rehabilitation programme for children with cerebral palsy. In 2016, as part of this programme, EVRAZ helped launch a new project in Kemerovo region by providing specialised equipment that is used when conducting lessons with children. The first group of children have already completed their course of rehabilitation lessons. In December 2016, the “Dream ski” project opened a new course in the city of Mezhdurechensk, Russia.

Activities in 2016:
  • Kachkanar, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored a new diagnostic and preventative care centre to treat diseases affecting the vision of children with disabilities
  • Kachkanar, Russia – EVRAZ purchased sports equipment for a specialised kindergarten and school, swimming pool, and hospital to successfully develop adaptive sports activities and improve the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children with disabilities
  • Mezhdurechensk, Siberia, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored hippotherapy for 80 children
  • Urals, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored 800 individual art therapy lessons, 20 group phototherapy sessions and 600 individual hippotherapy lessons
  • Siberia, Russia – EVRAZ bought comfortable new buses for two orphanages
  • Urals, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored 6 training workshops for teachers and volunteers, and organised nearly 20 exhibitions of photos and pictures from EVRAZ for Kids participants
  • Portland, Oregon, USA – EVRAZ sponsored First Growth Children and Family Charities, benefitting the YWCA of Clark County, Randall Children’s Hospital, New Avenues for Youth, Metropolitan Family Services and Friends of the Children

EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas

This programme’s main goal is to improve the quality of life in Kachkanar, Russia, by developing culture, sport, and education, as well as by helping the elderly and children with special needs. Non-profit organisations present social projects to a jury, which then selects 10-15 winners who receive up to RUB100,000 to implement their projects.

Devoted to man’s best friend – in summer 2016, Kachkanar got a new statue of a dog nicknamed Druzhok (Russian for buddy or friend). It is both a monument and a collections box for donations to help homeless animals. The project was initiated by ninth-grade student Slava Shashkin.

Activities in 2016:
  • In Kachkanar, 45 projects were presented as part of the EVRAZ: City of Friends – City of Ideas initiative and 13 of them received monetary grants
  • A total of 70 people took part in the competition
  • The winners included the Adapted Physical Education project to provide new sport equipment to promote physical education lessons for children with disabilities, and the Kitchen at Home project to equip a kitchen and hold cooking lessons for children from orphanages

EVRAZ for Cities

EVRAZ supports the local infrastructure in the cities where it operates by donating funds to reconstruct roads, parks and theatres, as well as to equip schools, colleges and medical centres.

In 2016, EVRAZ sponsored the construction of a new three-storey house in Russia’s Tula Region for the people who lived in the old stately home of steelworker Mosolov. The building, an eighteenth century architectural monument, was in critical condition. With EVRAZ’ help, the families were able to move into safe new flats.

Activities in 2016:
  • Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar, Russia – EVRAZ provided sand and road material for municipal infrastructure
  • Urals, Russia – EVRAZ helped equip and renovate educational facilities, including schools, technical schools and institutes
  • Siberia, Russia – EVRAZ continued the renovation of Steelworkers’ Park, opening an exercise facility and installing a sculpture of a mother bear with her cubs (bears are the symbol of Siberia)
  • Novokuznetsk, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored road repairs and helped put up iron fences along the city’s central streets
  • Novokuznetsk, Russia – EVRAZ’ six-year partnership with the local drama theatre continued, allowing it to bring plays for children and adults to Mezhdurechensk, Russia free of charge
  • Novokuznetsk, Russia – EVRAZ’ neighbourhood courtyard improvement programme has been ongoing 2007, during which time around 300 of the city’s neighbourhood courtyards have been renovated
  • Mezhdurechensk, Russia – EVRAZ helped provide a playground in the town’s main square
  • Urals, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored a contest to award MBA grants to students with the most innovative ideas
  • Krivoy Rog, Ukraine – Evraz Sukha Balka sponsored the completion of a section of Nevskaya Street

EVRAZ for Sport

EVRAZ supports amateur and professional sports teams, as well as individual youth and adult athletes, by providing sport equipment and donating money to help them prepare for and participate in tournaments.

In 2016, EVRAZ organised a series of city festivals and 5km races called Take Five! in Nizhny Tagil and Novokuznetsk. The goal was to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to raise money for charitable needs. Some 2,000 people took part in the races, and nearly 6,000 attended the city festivals. All funds raised were donated to help develop adaptive sports programmes in Russia’s regional cities.

Activities in 2016:
  • Nizhny Tagil and Kachkanar, Russia – EVRAZ bought sport equipment, organised tournaments and sponsored athletes’ participation in sports tournaments for athletics, taekwondo, sambo, hockey, football, kettlebell lifting, and shooting
  • Kachkanar, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored the Olymp youth football team to participate in an international tournament in Sochi and they won first place
  • Nizhny Tagil, Russia – EVRAZ helped promote ‘steel workout’ by buying special sport equipment and organising the first ever contest in the city
  • Nizhny Tagil, Russia – EVRAZ sponsored BREAK DOWN T 2016, the first Russia-wide contemporary dance festival, which saw some 200 dancers compete
  • Siberia, Russia – EVRAZ supported popular sport events, including skiing, running and orienteering competitions
  • Alberta, Canada – EVRAZ sponsored the Enbridge® Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer®, a two-day, 200-km bicycle ride through the Canadian Rockies that raised US$7.8 million for cancer research, clinical trials, enhanced care and the discovery of new cancer therapies at 16 cancer centres across Alberta

Participation in public organisations and initiatives

EVRAZ continued the promotion of steel structure usage as a substitute for concrete in order to increase beams sales

In 2016, the Steel Construction Development Association (SCDA) continued to improve steel design codes and promote the use of steel structures in multi-storey civil buildings. Over the year, around 200,000 square metres of residential and parking space featuring steel structures was designed, and the work was begun. This created additional demand for around 8,000 tonnes of EVRAZ beams.

In addition, the SCDA published numerous manuals to simplify the design of fire-engineering and steel structures, as well as brochures to raise awareness about constructing multi-storey car parks and middle-rise residential buildings. The SCDA also held a contest for students, Steel2Real, which involved more than 130 participants from 23 universities. The winners received the chance to visit the Steel Construction Institute in London to gain new experience and ideas.

The SCDA was created to promote the use of steel structures as a substitute for concrete and other non-steel materials in construction in Russia. It unites steelmakers, steel fabricators and erectors, research institutes, design engineers and architects.