Alexander Frolov Alexander Frolov Chief Executive Officer
Our organisational structure enables EVRAZ to most efficiently tackle current challenges, including further reduction of costs, improving the quality of products and services to strengthen the Company’s leading position in the market, ensuring a higher efficiency of investments.
Leonid Kachur Leonid Kachur Senior Vice President, Business Support and Interregional Relations
Aleksey Ivanov Aleksey Ivanov Senior Vice President, Commerce and Business Development
Nikolay Ivanov Nikolay Ivanov Chief Financial Officer

New appointment

Mr Ivanov joined EVRAZ in November 2016. Since 2013 he served as executive vice president, CFO at VimpelCom. Previously he held various positions at TNK-BP including the first deputy executive vice president for exploration and production, having spent over 10 years with the company.
Mr Ivanov graduated from the Financial Academy of the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in finance and credit, as well as Northeastern University, Missouri, USA, and the Truman University, USA, with a degree in accounting.

Nikolay Ivanov Alexander Kuznetsov Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
Nikolay Ivanov Ilya Shirokobrod Vice President, Sales
Nikolay Ivanov Natalia Ionova Vice President, Human Resources
Nikolay Ivanov Sergey Stepanov Vice President, Head of the Coal Division
Nikolay Ivanov Alexey Soldatenkov Vice President, Head of the Siberia Division
Nikolay Ivanov Maksim Andriasov Vice President, Head of the Urals Division
Nikolay Ivanov Denis Novozhenov Vice President, Head of the Ukraine Division
Nikolay Ivanov Michael Shuble Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment
Nikolay Ivanov Anton Yegorov Vice President, Legal
Nikolay Ivanov Sergey Vasiliev Vice President, Compliance with Business Procedures and Asset Protection
Nikolay Ivanov Vsevolod Sementsov Vice President, Corporate Communications
Nikolay Ivanov Artem Natrusov Vice President, Information Technologies